Sara Rosengren

Malmö, Sweden

Lokstallarna, Kirseberg

Södra Bulltoftavägen 51

212 22 Malmö


Artist statement


In my paintings, I explore the struggles of trying to recall memories, emotions and long lost daydreams out of fragments, places and emotionally charged objects. The past holds clues of where we need to go and do to find what we long for. Something indefinable. Home?


My subject searches, builds, demolishes and searches again. She both flourishes and fights, but what we see is a woman in an introspective mood with a surrounding reality sometimes bent by her thoughts.


I live and work in Malmö, Sweden. I gladly receive guests at my studio at Lokstallarna, Kirseberg.

Represented by

Galleri Lohme

Erik Dahlbergsgatan 24 B

211 48 Malmö

+46 (0) 760 837487